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Are your looking for CLARITY?

The art of Tarot brings insight to your current world so you can make the choices that align with your highest self.


Hello! I'm Tracy Clark


I am passionate about all things wellness for the Mind, Body and Soul.  Though I wear many hats,  my goal is always to help others find happiness.

I learned to cook while working in the yachting industry and begin to see very early on, that enjoying food is how we enjoy each other and feel connected.  That is why I feel it is important to transform our view of how we feed ourself from one that includes labels and restrictions to one that focuses on food as life giving energy that connects us with Mother Nature.

How can I be of service to you?

Book a reading today.   Get insight on how to navigate life torwards the things your desire.

Travel to Zion National Park for an epic weekend with Soul Element Retreats.

Find out if I am available to chef at your next retreat or event.

Let me help you transform your life into the beautiful existance you were destined for.

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